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I thought about submitting this to the “does this t-shirt get this guy laid?” contest but I think we all know the obvious answer, which is how could it not get me laid. So instead of asking if it get’s me laid, I’ve come up with the idea of a new contest of “does this t-shirt get this guy free beers and shots from other stoolies?”.

I think it’s a win, win for both of us. Not only would stoolies help support my habit and save me some cash, but I will also be conducting important market research for you as well. The research will probably ( hopefully) get a little skewed at times but that’s why there’s always the margin of error built in.

Fuckin’ genius if you ask me.

Viva la Stool!!!!!!

Woody Bemho

PS – Sorry for stealing & copywriting the Pirate Dog image but shit happens.

Motherfucker. I’ve been sitting here like an asshole trying to come up with tshirt ideas for the past two years and the only thing I got to show for it is an apartment full of “Ball Don’t Lie” shirts that nobody is buying. Meanwhile this guy took my patented pirate dog design and not only is pulling a ton of pussy with it, but probably making a god damn fortune. And to think this design was sitting under my nose the whole fucking time and I didn’t even realize it. Ok let’s cut the shit. How much do I have to pay to buy this? 100 bucks? 200 bucks? Come on put it on Ebay  and give me a chance. That’s all I’m asking. Just give me a chance.