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Sup Guys,

I know that every year Duke is able to field a bunch of no name white guys who look like they just came off a farm from the 1940′s…But, what the hell is this?

P.S., great diving routine EP

Thanks, Jason

Ordinarily I don’t condone using the word retarded because retarded people take extreme offense to it and I’m not in the business of hurting people’s feelings. But in this case there is no other word that would do this blog justice. Seriously where does Duke get these fucking guys from? Somewhere Ala Alanabi, Sheldon Williams, and Bobby Hurley are cracking a bottle of champagne because they just got overtaken for the title as the grossest looking Duke players of all time.

PS – I googled the shit out of Ala Alanabi and couldn’t find any evidence of his existence.    So either I’m butchering his name or he’s a figment of my imagination.