Reader Email

Hey pres,

You have a conflict of interest tomorrow watching the game because word is that Ghana loves the stool. My brother just returned from Nkwanta, Ghana and apparently everyone over there is a huge fan of the site. The town he was in may have only had one computer, but it’s homepage is barstool. I wouldn’t be quick to bet against Ghana either- there is no way we stand a chance against them with this guy and the tens of crazy Ghanaian stoolies watching the game on the radio. Also who cares if the US loses because you definitely have a market over there to launch ghana.barstoolsports.com.

Viva Ghana!


Wait a minute!  I think that first kid is on the fucking Ghana team!    I’m not even kidding.  He’s like a defender or striker or some shit like that.  One of the guys that just kicks the ball backwards before it goes forwards.      Either way this totally changes everything.     Now I don’t know who to root for .  Yeah the Stool is big in Boston, but I have a whole 3rd world country behind me here.     I don’t want to be a jerk but I think I got to go with the Red, Maize and Green.   Now if somebody would just give them a well balanced meal before the game so they’re not playing on an empty stomach we just may have a chance.    Seriously somebody do me a favor and cue the music!

PS – I don’t see Sully’s shipping to Nkwanta.