Reader Email

El Pres,

Long time reader but first time emailing into you. This squatty potty has single handedly redefined the poop game. My parents up and bought me one for some reason. Definitely seems up your alley. You are into all that weird shit. 



This has to be the weirdest gift ever to give your son right?   “Like hey Junior Happy Birthday!  Now you can poop like god intended.  All scrunched up and shit!”  But I guess I shouldn’t poke fun because this video had me at hello.  Seriously I was sold 30 seconds into this thing.  Clearly humans were intended to squat and not sit when they take dumps.  It’s so obvious I actually can’t believe I didn’t think of it before.  But I don’t know who these Squatty Potty people are kidding with this “invention”.   It’s just a step stool.  You think I need that to shit right?   I’ll just grab my knees like sew.    35 dollars my ass.   I guess a sucker is born everyday.




* I can’t be held responsible for people who scoot their butt too far forward on the toilet seat and as a result have their poop end up on the floor