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Simple question… is it acceptable for bros to watch the HBO show GIRLS?
Personally I watch and kind of like it. However, several buddies claim i have a touch of the gay.

We need a ruling on this… thumbs up or down ?


I’ve heard this question asked more than once since this show premiered last year. Is it cool for bros to watch a show about young women struggling to figure their life out in this crazy, mixed up world? Does it make you a certified queerball if you tune in to see what Hannah and the gang are up to every Sunday night? Should you just chop your dick off and call it a day if you find yourself emotionally invested in the plot of this series? In short, absolutely fucking not. I love this show. I watched every episode twice last year and I can’t wait for season two to start.

Now I can already hear the comment section: “Hey JMac, why don’t you just suck dick and get it over with you hairy-armed gaybo. Girls is for girls, fag!” Well let me ask you this: if you were playing football and had the chance to step inside the other team’s huddle, would you do it? Damn right you would. Because there are so many advantages to be gained by listening in on their conversation. It’s the same with watching this show. It exposes all the insecurities that real twenty-something girls have, which you can then, if you are a mildly intelligent dude, use to your advantage. Plus bitches get wet over this shit so if you can hold a conversation about the plot it’s only gonna get your dick closer to penetration.

Not to mention it’s just fantastic television.

So no, watching Girls does not mean you have a touch of the gay. It means you like quality shows with real life lessons and an occasional pair of tits or lesbian scene.

Season 2 premier party at my place!