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During Kaskade’s set on Saturday a diesel Asian made his way through the crowd trying to grind on whatever he could…naked. Every guy that told him to get the fuck away and put some clothes on he tried to fight. Obviously this dude was rollin balls or tripping on acid. After a few minutes half the security force had him surrounded him but he wasnt goin down without a fight. He hit a couple of the guards and they eventually tackled him but not before this dude got this haymaker in.


if this gets posted on barstool does that get me laid lol


Mat & Maka

So here is the million dollar question.   Should I have blogged this?   It’s kind of a tricky one right?  On the one hand I’m sure nobody wants to see an Asian dude’s tiny little dink pop up on the front page of the Stool.   But at the same time this is fucking hilarious.  I mean I literally spit out my coffee and I wasn’t even drinking any when I opened this picture.   It’s almost Pulitzer worthy.   So yeah even though we don’t usually post blatant cock shots I still think it was worth it.  Plus I’m not even sure this counts as real nudity?  This is funny nudity which I believe falls under the same bylaws as artistic nudity.   As long as you don’t want to beat off to it, it’s legal.