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Hey pres,

My name is Robert MacAleese AKA DJ Big Boband i’m the Country Music DJ every Sunday @ The Greatest Bar. We have been throwing the biggest party every sunday for the last 3 weeks and here are some photo’s to prove it! Enjoy!!!!

Country Music in Boston huh? Must be huge! Anyway what’s the deal with Chuck Lidell? I feel like all I do is see this guy partying it up like he’s a rockstar or something. But everytime I see him on UFC he’s getting his face kicked in. Is he like a joke within MMA circles? I mean I’d kind of be pissed if I was a good MMA figher and the Iceman still gets all the glory. Seriously the Guy hasn’t beaten anybody in like 5 years but he’s still the sport’s biggest crossover star. At least keep your shirt on until you win a fight. And no I wouldn’t say that to his face.