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Hey Pres,

Whats up… Everyone’s saying I should send this in so here goes. Instead of going to class the first week of school this is what happened. At first I didn’t mean to put a two foot dick on it but shit happens, and its the level we’re at with these teams. The Boston contingent up here loves it and the giants fans try and scratch their logo off, either way it gets the girls thinkin.

Thanks and keep up the good work, Tom

Tom, let me make this very clear. Without that two foot dick baton leaking cum all over Canada and New York there is no way this table makes it onto the Stool.   No way.   It would have just another table with Ben Coates number hanging from the rafters. But with the huge dick baton it was never in doubt about me posting this. My only question is whether you’d be interested in hosting a Barstool Party where I can dunk on it and try to get myself added to that 30 greatest Beirut Dunks video.

Anywaty time to vote. Vote 1 for dick or no dick all Beirut Submissions are lame at this point and 10 for a giant dick leaking cum all over Canada puts asses in the seats.


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