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My family has owned Patriots season tickets since the early 80s, but I’ve never seen a more anti-Patriot, Manning-lover as much as this guy! Apparently he goes to every game Peyton plays and lives in Miami originally from Indy. So my question to you Prez is does this tattoo get this Patriot hater laid?


Ps – That pink coat at the bottom of the picture is his 9 month old daughter and wife that also flew up to Foxboro from Miami just to watch Peyton get his ass handed to him!


I’m speechless.   I don’t even know what to say about this tattoo?   What does 18-1 have to do with Peyton Manning besides nothing?    Like Peyton Manning fans are the last people on earth who should make fun of the 18-1 Pats.  Because 18-1 symbolizes everything you need to know about Peyton Mannings entire sorry ass career.   All the way from Tennessee to Indy.   Regular season hero, post season zero.   Has to rely on his little brother to trick people into thinking he isn’t a bum.   Listen I can take it if a Giants fan wants to make fun of us.  They’ve earned it.  But a Peyton Manning fan using Eli’s success to brag about Peyton?   Get the fuck out of here with that shit.  Nobody in the history of earth has ever deserved to have their forearm shattered more than this idiot.