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Hey Pres

My buddy got this tattoo freshman year when he went to school down south. He and some giants fan on his floor made a bet on the superbowl and, well we all know what happened in that game and he put his money where his mouth was and got the tattoo, its 5.5 inches on his mid thigh. So Pres, does having two dicks get my buddy laid?



I’m literally speechless.    I don’t know whether I respect your friend or think he’s the biggest jackass on the planet?    Like I guess there is something to be said for being a man of your word, but at the same time sometimes you just got to bite the bullet and welsh on a bet.  Yeah it sucks but it’s better than going through the rest of your life with a huge hairy Giants dick tattoo on your thigh right?    I mean I think I’d rather get fucked in the ass once and get it over with rather than have this grotesque reminder of one of the worst days in Boston Sports history permanently etched on my body.   And what’s up with the detail of the penis with the veins and stuff?   Did the guy who won the bet get to design it too or does your buddy just have a pain fetish?   Either way this has to be the worst tattoo I’ve ever seen on any level.   Mentally, physically, spiritually etc.  You name it and this tattoo has it.

Vote 1 for you respect him for going through with it and 10 for you got know when to hold them and you got to know when to fold them.  This was a time to fold em.

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