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This is what you get when you start reaching into the weird numbers on the dial looking for something on TV. I’m pretty sure pack 93 will blow up with wild success at some point in my lifetime so im just trying to get them a little buzz, take over the underground scene first then eventually hit the mainstream. It’s hard to say who’s going to be the main guy though, to the untrained eye it’s clearly orange vest but let’s be honest there’s no denying the kid on the right has star potential written all over him. Kid on the left’s first to go with the pack goes big time, just a step behind on everything, i get that the steps are extremely complex but cmon bro get with it or you’ll be watching pack 93 take over the world from your couch.

I left Pack 93 off my top 5 boy band and they are taking it personally! Coming into the game and spitting hot fire right off the bat. Dude ride that wave totally sweet! Zoom to the moon! Those are two killer lines. Yo man, how’s your night going? Ride that wave, totally sweet. I’m chomping at the bit to nonchalantly drop that at the bar this weekend while I zoom to the moon.

PS – Obviously the kid in the orange vest is the Timberlake of the group.  No brainer.  Only a matter of time till he launches his single career.

Double PS – How is it possible this isn’t from 1982?