Reader Email

Good Afternoon Pres,

Just like the rest of the students here at UMass, my three roommates and I think it’s utter bullshit that you aren’t allowed back because of some insane partying that would have happened whether you were here or not. That said, we are pretty excited that in September you’ll be close enough for us to rage at the Barstool Blackout in Worcester on Sept. 22nd. What better way to kick off our senior year then dripping wet from head to toe in foam at a barstool event? If you can think of anything superior to that, let me know. It’s evident that hundreds of hot girls flood your email asking for tickets, so we thought we’d join in with them and send you some pics that might make you consider us worthy enough for tickets to the F*ckin’ Foam Barstool Blackout extravaganza. Hope to hear from you soon!

Viva La Stool,

Steph (tix/la)

Sam (foam/viva)

Shari (f*ckin’/stool)

Lauren (please/barstool)

(the words after our names correspond what is written on us in these pictures)

Now this is how you do it.  This is how you get free Foam tickets.   These girls nailed it.  Everyday we get girls asking for free tickets.  You need to separate yourself from the pack.  They did just that.  Absolute  no brainer to give them free tickets.    Fivesome city.   Is that too many girls to handle at once?   Whatever I’ll give it a whirl…