Reader Email

Hey Prez,

Absolutely love the site and I was just curious about this mother fucker falling asleep on the bench in full uniform during his team’s game in a nationally recognized tournament. His team is currently in the locker room at halftime during a tied game AND THE MOTHER FUCKER IS SLEEPING. This is something I have never seen in any sport real or fake, just thought this idiot should be humiliated properly by the master.


I got to be honest. I didn’t look at this email in order. I saw the subject line first which said “player falls asleep during his game” and then I looked at the pictures and was like yeah that’s pretty bad, but not sure it’s blog worthy. But then I read the email and saw the part where you said his team is currently in the locker room of a tie game ‘AND THE MOTHERFUCKER IS STILL SLEEPING!”  Then I went back and looked at the pictures again and saw the picture of him snoring his ass by himself right through halftime. At that point and only at that point did I spit out my coffee and I wasn’t even drinking any. I mean this is fucking hilarious!   Do you think his teammates woke his ass up when the bus left or is this dude still just sleeping with the lights off in an empty gym somewhere?