Reader Email Response From Friday’s Bull Blog

El Poser,

If you weren’t a such a stupid inbred american you might be able to appreciate other cultures. The bulls live better lives than all of us
(certainly better than yours) and then they get to battle for their lives before they are killed in battle and then celebrated and eaten not discarded like most horses from racing which you seem to support. Don’t blog about shit you don’t have a clue about – stick to the tits and ass…


Get a load of this fucking guy.   Foregin Face has his panties all in a bunch.    Listen I don’t debate that the bulls may live a better life than me but that’s not saying much. Regardless I’m pretty sure if the Bull had the choice of going into battle and automatically getting stabbed to death or just grazing in a field he’d take the graze in the field option. And I’m not sure what kind of battle it is when you can’t win. Like this bull won fair and square. He gored this guy in the neck and his horn came out his mouth. Game, set, match bull right?   So shouldn’t he be allowed to just walk out the front door and go home. But instead they kill him anyway. What kind of battle is that? Even when they win they lose. On the bright side they do get eaten so they have that going for them. Bottom-line is this. If you want to fight a bull I’m not going to feel bad when the bull kicks you ass and mutilates you. Serves you right in my book.