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Morning Pres,

So with the collapse of the Red Sox and stumbles/issues of other Boston teams there has been a lot of shit talking by the other blogs mostly NYC/Philly. So using company time/resources and general boredom I have determined how many times blogs have been devoted to trashing boston sports teams WITHOUT a head to head matchup from day 1, in addition bostons trashing of the other cities:

Boston: 94
NYC: 298
Philly: 173
Chicago: 8
U: 25

So I guess all the other cities don’t have their blog game locked down as well as you and spend a large part of their time writing about the goings on of Boston sports.

Bunch o bitches

This is flat out amazing to me. How long did this take this guy? It had to be at least a month of back research right? Like how long has BSNYC been in existence? 3 years? So you’re telling me this guy went back through 3 years of blogs and kept score? Not to mention how many times our website froze making him start over. Just unbelieveable. And he did it for every single blog on the network. There can’t be anybody on planet earth who has a duller life than this guy right? Just the least exciting life on the planet. Either way I’m glad he’s on our side.