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Reader Email

Here’s a tease – i know it’s not cans but i didn’t know who to email….Has all the necessities a dude usually likes – girl on girl action, beer, and boobs. You will have to include both of us in this entry and pls excuse the cell phone quality.. Unfortunately for the sake of our reputations we did not include our BEAUTiFUL faces.

Enjoy ;) ;)

- Kellie and Xtiine -

or if the other two were in it we call ourselves the BLONDETOURAGE hehe more pics coming soon :)


Do I really look that easy? Listen the hard-deck for this hop was one ass per entry. You knew it. You broke it. Then you broke another one
with that circus Blondetourage fly-by.  The rules of the Can Contest exist for your safety and for that of your team. They’re not flexible, nor am I. So unless there is some serious dick sucking going on very soon (I’ll be at Back To Stool Umass Sept 25th)  I regret to inform you that this is an automatic DQ.


PS – A+ blog.   You know it’s hot when I make myself cry.