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This dumb bitch is supposidly from Detroit… Maybe she’s bitter over the ALCS or maybe she’s just fuckkng retarded. Either way I want her head on a stake. Viva la stool  



Hey you know what’s more offensive than blackface? Dressing up as the victim of a deadly terrorist attack. Racial stereotypes pale in comparison to mocking murder victims. One is in bad taste, the other makes me want to have you exiled to fucking Siberia.

Here’s my question though. What kind of office does this bitch work in where she can wear this costume? It looks like your run-of-the-mill cube environment and this idiot can just walk in dressed as a bombing victim? That’s kosher in her workplace? To just laugh at terror victims? Sweet brand image, scumbags. Either that, or once these pictures blow up she’s gonna be called in for a meeting with The Bobs.


Anyway, what do the Stoolies think of this costume? You can let Alicia know on Twitter or Instagram.