Youtube - Chris McDonough of the Al Thomas A’s of the Yawkey Baseball League breaks his humerous bone while pitching at Fenway Park.


Despite the “Warning what you are about to see is graphic” thing at the beginning for some reason I didn’t think it was going to be that graphic.   Boy was I wrong because that was fucking gross.   I mean it’s never good when the crack of the bat that you hear is not the crack of the bat at all, but rather the crack of the pitchers arm shattering in half.   Like I literally let out an audible “OHHHH!!!” at the 1:05 mark.   Just a disgusting sound.  In fact I think audio grossness may be worse than visual grossness in this case.  As a sidenote was the guy who made this video going for an Oscar or something?   How many different angles, but the same angles are you going to show?  We get it.  He snapped his arm off.

PS – On the bright side looks like another sell out at Fenway.