DM - The US national soccer team, nicknamed ‘The Stars and Stripes,’ weren’t feeling very patriotic when players stepped off the plane and were greeted by American troops in Guatemala. The players reportedly snubbed the soldiers who had lined up on Sunday to cheer for them as they arrived for a World Cup qualifying match — completely ignoring them as they walked to a waiting bus. Families of the military heroes and the team’s fans reacted with fury claiming the soccer stars had disrespected their loved ones… [Players] claim it was just a misunderstanding. ‘The players and staff were simply unsure of the correct protocol in terms of engaging the military members on arrival to Guatemala… they weren’t sure if they were welcoming them or providing security.’ A photo of the team leaving the plane shows about three-dozen soldiers taking pictures and cheering on the 20-yard walkway between the aircraft and the bus. The soldiers were upset that the players didn’t acknowledge the troops who had gathered at the airport or take even ‘five minutes’ to say thanks.

What an outrage.  “They weren’t sure if they were welcoming them or providing security” has to be the worst lie in the history of falsehoods.  The US national soccer team doesn’t deserve the security they’d get from a bouncer, a night watchman and a mall cop, much less three dozen soldier.  These kickball players aren’t fit to polish the boots of the heroes they snubbed.  And if they couldn’t bring themselves to thank or even acknowledge America’s fighting men, it can only be because they’re own insignificance hit them in the face.  It can’t be easy to look your nation’s bravest men in the eyes and realize you’ve wasted your life playing a silly sport that’s only popular in the kinds of countries where they treat women like dogs and dogs like entrees.  So you lower your head, stare at the ground and struggle with your own unworthiness to be among such men.  Then you go out and tie Guatemala.  They should’ve skipped the game altogether and just let the soldiers use them for target practice.  At least then they would’ve done their country some good.  @JerryThornton1