Boston.comRed Sox pitcher Josh Beckett understood why he was booed as he left the field after being removed from Thursday’s game in the third inning. “I pitched like [expletive],” Beckett said in his postgame interview. “That’s what happens. Smart fans.” But Beckett defended himself for playing golf two days before he missed a start last week. “I spend my off-days the way I want to spend them,” Beckett said. “My off-day is my off-day.” Beckett was skipped in the rotation Saturday, after he’d thrown 126 pitches April 29 and said he’d experienced soreness in his right lat muscle, a condition he said existed before the start. “We get 18 off-days a year. I think we deserve a little bit of time to ourselves,” Beckett said.

I didn’t want to talk about Josh Beckett today. I really didn’t. Celtics had a huge win and are gearing up for the Sixers. Last thing I want to do is talk about the Red Sox. But I couldn’t leave this alone. Enough is enough. It’s time to get rid of this clown. Like it’s one thing to suck when you’re trying and doing the right thing. As long as you give an honest effort I won’t turn on you. Just some indication that you care about winning. That you care about the team. That you care about the fans. But this fucking guy flat doesn’t give a fuck. All he does is suck, drink beer, eat fried chicken, golf when he’s hurt and give the fans a big fuck you every step of the way.

Seriously this post game press conference was the last straw. He gives up 7 runs in 1 inning and then has the balls to say his day off is his day off. Whining that he only gets 18 days off a year. Umm what about the entire fucking winter you idiot?  You get paid millions to play a kids game.  Shut up.  ENOUGH ALREADY! I’m sick of hearing this guy talk like he’s a victim. He already ran the most popular manager in the history of the franchise out of town. He is already the poster child for the greatest collapse in the history of baseball. He’s obviously a poison to the pitching staff. What more does he have to do? Get rid of this fucking guy! Let him go whine about how tough his life is somewhere else. I don’t care if they have to eat his contract. I don’t care whether we win another game. He’s a disgrace to Boston. Get him out.

PS – How big of a bitch move was it by NESN to cut the booing when Beckett got the hook?  Gutless.  Also I love how when the Sox are doing well Dr. Creepy, Werner and the One Eyed Bandit can’t stay out of the booth.  But when they suck they are nowhere to be found.   Gutless again.