Ah, this brings back memories of my Weymouth South High Intro to Calculus class.  Either the Inception team gave Mike Francesca The Kick to pull him out of his dream state, or he flat out peed himself when he hilariously realized he was sound asleep on the air.  Either way this has to be the end of Sweeny Murti’s career, right?  I mean, I don’t care how dull the Yankees vs. Red Sox are you don’t come back from boring Mike Francesca into REM sleep.  I’ve done enough radio spots to know the Prime Directive of the business is “Keep the Host Awake.”  Hell, I’ve heard Dan Shaughnessy do four hour shifts talking Patriots and Bruins and he never made Gresh or Zo nod off.  It’s career suicide and there’s no bouncing back from this.  @JerryThornton1