(Telegraph) – A Saudi woman who defied a driving ban in the kingdom was injured and her companion killed when their car overturned in the northern Hael province, a police spokesman said on Monday. “One woman was immediately killed and her companion who was driving the car was hospitalised after she suffered several injuries” when their four-wheel-drive vehicle overturned late on Saturday, said police spokesman Abdulaziz al-Zunaidi. Ultra-conservative Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world where women are not allowed to drive. However, they get behind the wheel in desert regions away from the capital.

If you don’t find this funny then you don’t have even a semblance of a sense of humor. Like this is high comedy at its finest. Maybe it’s a little bit sad that she died, but if I were to say I didn’t laugh out loud when I read that headline then I would be lying. Women protesting women’s rights to drive dies in car crash is as beautifully ironic as it gets. It would be like if Rosa Parks finally got to sit on the front of the bus but they got in an accident and she was ejected through the fucking windshield. Bet the back of the bus with those outrageous bumps from potholes would look a lot more cozy then, wouldn’t it Rosa? But Manal al-Sherif just haaaaaad to get behind the wheel. Just had to show the world that a set of tits doesn’t mean you’re a terrible driver. Wrong! I bet she was putting on makeup and eating PinkBerry and tailgating the other drivers too. Fucking chicks, can’t do anything. Am I right, guys? Am I right?! Someone give me a high five.