NESN.comThe Red Sox have a four-year, $60 million offer out to Jason Bay, but they are reportedly hunting for backup plans. World Series MVP Hideki Matsui appears to be one of them. According to NPB Tracker, citing a report from the Japanese-language Nikkan Sports, the Red Sox are preparing to make a multiyear offer to the 35-year-old Matsui, who hit 28 homers in 456 at-bats during the past season while serving as the Yankees’ designated hitter. Godzilla’s balky knees are a concern for the Red Sox, because Matsui was never a strong defender and has played only 24 games in the outfield since 2007.

Did I miss something, or did the Sox put Dan Duquette back in charge?  Is it 1995 again already, because this is right out of the Sox old playbook where you build a team around rapidly declining 35 year olds with bad knees.  Why not just make a call to Andre Dawson or Jack Clark while you’re at it?  I mean I just don’t get the logic of this, even if Matsui had a marginally better year than David Ortiz.  Is there some old baseball axiom that goes “You can never have enough over-the-hill left handed DHs”?  Are they trying to get the Yankees to spend more money (like that’ll put a dent in their wallet)?  Is it because he just won the World Series MVP, because what are we?  The Oakland Raiders picking up Desmond Howard?  Maybe they just respect and admire Godzilla for his collection of 55,000 porn tapes. That at least I can relate to.  Beyond that, this makes zero sense.

(Thanks to Sam K.)