So I’ve been dying to blog about this all day. Everybody was blowing up my twitter feed as I was making my way from Providence to Hartford. Ryen Russilo and John Dennis supposedly coming to blows over the voicemail that yours truly leaked to the world 5 or 6 years ago. A move that got us kicked off 1510 the Zone at the time even though I was paying them for airtime. And people will also remember that on my first appearance on Dennis and Callahan I brought this whole incident up to John Dennis again because I heard he hated me for releasing that tape. I also sort of defended Russilo saying that guys hit on girls all the time at bars. John Dennis said it went way beyond that and told me what Russilo said off the record. Whatever the case may be there is obviously still some real bad blood here. So I love Russilo’s suggestion to box for charity. And what better guy to celebrity referee this thing than me? Nobody has been more involved than I have in this thing from the beginning. I know both equally now. Nobody would know who I’m rooting for. I could cheat for either one of them and nobody would see it coming. I don’t want this to happen. It needs to happen.

PS – John Dennis put Scott Van Pelt on the hot seat big time saying he apologized for Rusillo’s behavior. I think SVP has to come out and publicly and denounce that statement even if he did apologize. You got to back your boy here right?

Double PS – Everybody is saying I’m crazy for not being at the Superbowl. Well as enlightening as it sounds being at a party with media dudes measuring each other’s dick size I’m staying in a hotel with a billion college smokes on my floor and it’s impossible not to stick my dick in pussy just trying to walk to the vending machine. I’ll take it.