DM – Twin sisters believed to be Amsterdam’s oldest prostitutes have retired after more than 50 years each in the sex trade.¬†Louise and Martine Fokkens, 70, have finally decided they are too old for the business after claiming to have slept with 355,000 men between them in a combined 100-year career.¬†Louise, a mother of four, has said her arthritis now makes some sexual positions ‘too painful’. And mother-of-three Martine admits she is finding it hard to attract new punters – except one elderly man who still comes for his weekly sado-maschism session. She said: ‘I couldn’t give him up. He’s been coming to me for so long it’s like going to church on a Sunday.’ The pair were the subject of a documentary film last year called Meet the Fokkens, and have now written a book about their combined 100-years of sexual exploits called The Ladies of Amsterdam. Both women – who usually dress in identical red clothes – became prostitutes before the age of 20 to survive financially after escaping violent relationships. They now look back on the ‘golden years’ of the profession before the Netherlands legalised prostitution and the sex trade was invaded by ‘eastern European mafia’. Louise said: ‘It is very different now. We used to sit in the windows with clothes on. Today they are totally naked. ‘There are few Dutch women and no sense of community these days.’ Martine added: ‘The legalisation of brothels in 2000 has not improved prostitutes’ lives.


Always a little heartbreaking when legends decide to hang ‘em up. Whether it’s Lou Gehrig saying he’s the luckiest man on the face of the earth or the Fokken sisters saying their¬†arthritis doesn’t let them do doggy style anymore, it’s just emotional when we lose the great ones. 355,000 men between them, folks. 355,000! That’s a tremendous amount of cock to have put inside you for money. I don’t even want to know what their mail slots look like. Crusty lasagna maybe? Nevermind, nevermind. Let’s not focus on their beat up boxes, but on their dedication to the sex trade and all the men they’ve made happy over the years. True heros of shameful pay 4 play intercourse. And after 50 years of selling their bodies, it’s now down to just one elderly man who comes in for his weekly sado-masochism sessions. From bright-eyed and bushy tailed twins having sex with young¬†tourists,¬†to retired geriatrics beating an old man with a belt, it’s certainly been quite a ride for the Fokken sisters. Sunrise, sunset.

The men of Amsterdam won’t forget you, ladies. Because you gave them something they can’t forget. Probably herpes.