Associated ContentSandra Bullock denies rumors that her estranged husband, Jesse James, has a sex tape of her engaged in more than simply sex. Ian Halperin, Michael Jackson’s biographer, in fact has claimed some very sordid thingson his online blog about Bullock. He says that Bullock has not yet filed for divorce because James has stories that could potentially ruin her career. Halperin claims that Bullock was penetrated anally by a shotgun, wore a mustache made of human excrement, and had sex with Nazi paraphernalia scattered around the room. For her part, Bullock denied today the existence of a sex tape. What she has not yet addressed are Halperin’s allegations of sex that was beyond kinky, but would probably be considered downright offensive by most.

Well take that Marissa Tomei! I mean how often is it that “penetrated anally by a shotgun” is the 3rd most “extreme” part of a story? You certainly don’t see that everyday. In all fairness, her black dildo fucking machine could’ve been in the shop, it’s possible. You ever see those things? Very complex piece of machinery. But the Nazi paraphenalia and shit mustache, there’s no excuse for that. Don’t tell me she’s preparing for “Lake House 2″. I don’t buy it. But I do 100% believe this story, and that a sex tape exists! I mean if we ever learned anything from the internet, it’s that if a guy writes something in his blog, it just has to be true.