(All Pictures from Boston.com’s Dong Run Gallery)


I wasn’t going to blog about the Santa Dong Run this year. I really wasn’t. But just like every year lots of Stoolies have been emailing me about it so here we go. Now I know that the people who partake in this event love to say how it’s for charity and shit. Almost like that provides an automatic exemption from being made fun of. But here is the thing. I am 100% convinced the turnout would be the same if there was no charity involved. In other words the charity is just a convenient excuse for guys to dress in speedos and stare at each other’s cocks without being judged. “Like hey you can’t say anything bad me or say I’m gay because I’m doing it or charity.” Bullshit. These people do it because they enjoy it. They enjoy getting shitfaced and staring at each others junk. Hey whatever floats your boat. But let’s not play the charity card anymore. There are thousands of ways to donate money and give to charity. The guys who run in this do it because they like dressing in speedos and rubbing their ding dongs into each other. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it is what it is.

PS – Can you get arrested for plagerizing yourself?