(DailyMail) - Security officers found gun parts and ammunition hidden inside a child’s three stuffed animals- including a Mickey Mouse doll- at a Rhode Island airport. The weapon parts were found inside three toys that a 4-year-old boy brought to the T.F. Green Airport when he was flying to Detroit with his father. Police have said that the reason for the hidden gun was a domestic dispute but they did not specify further about the nature of the argument or the identities of the parents. ‘It was jointly investigated by the Rhode Island Airport Police, FBI and the RI State Police and it was determined that there was no threat at any time to air safety.’ The father told police that he didn’t know the parts were inside the stuffed toys.

Huge, huge win for Homeland security yesterday. I was getting so sick of parents and caregivers complaining that TSA was too harsh. That there was no way anyone but an Arab could be a threat. Wrong! Anybody and everybody is a threat. I’ll tell you what, I’m flying out of TF Green on Friday and I’ve never been more confident in air travel. I’m going to feel safe as can be. Walking through the screening line watching old people get their diapers checked and kids with polio getting their wheelchairs disassembled and TSA agents beheading Mickey Mouse dolls. Some people may think it’s an invasion of privacy of whatever. Fuck them. Never would have found this weapon if they let everyone with half a mouth full teeth pass through. I just wish they made an example of this kid. Threw him in Guantanamo or something. Pretty weird that they just let everyone get on the flight, right? Whatever, at least Mickey wasn’t packing.