National EnquirerJUSTIN BIEBER is going to find a big surprise “Under the Mistletoe” – an engagement ring from his girlfriend SELENA GOMEZ! The 19-year-old Disney star knows a proposal will show Justin, who was recently hit with an ugly paternity lawsuit, that she’ll always stand by him, sources say.

Fucking Bieber. Power move and a half right here. Ordinarily in a situation like this I’d say something like “I wish I was a fly in the wall to see how Bieber reacted to this” But here is the thing.  I already know how this will go down. Selena will be dressed in her finest lingerie. She’ll crawl over to Bieber on her hands and knees and beg him to marry her. Bieber will calmly point to his dick and Selena will blow him like her life depended on it. After he shoots his load in her face he’ll order Selena to cook him dinner and he’ll think about the offer. God this kid has so much swag I can’t stand it.