I got to be honest.    If I could smash one person in the face with a sledgehammer right now and break all their teeth it would be Adam Schefter.    I already talked a couple weeks ago about what a self righteous windbag this guy is, but then he struck again with this Charlie Sheen twit. “Oh boo hoo, boo hoo When did Sheen become more important than everything else going on in the world?  Look at me.  I’m so sophisticated and important” I mean really bro?   You of all people are going to say that?  The guy who is covering the NFL labor negotiations like it’s World War III?    I mean maybe I can understand somebody from the Jimmy Fund or a world leader saying something like this but you?   Get the fuck over yourself.   People want to watch Charlie Sheen because he’s fucking hilarious and it beats hearing another update from your sorry ass about how a bunch of billioniares can’t sit in a room and figure out how to split up their money.   Go fuck yourself Scheffter you pompous son of a bitch.    Charlie is Wining.   You’re losing.

PS – I guess now is as good a time as any to say that due to popular demand we have Girl’s Winning tshirts on sale now.   American Apparel brand.   We only made small and medium because I don’t want fat girls repping our shirts.

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