(EW)With its more than 40-year history as the pinnacle of children’s educational programing, I didn’t think there was anything Sesame Street hadn’t tackled. But thanks to this Time.com/Tumblr Storyboard article we find out that after a failed run at it in the early 90s, the beloved show is addressing the issue of divorce for the first time and the adorable fairy Abby Cadabby is just the muppet to do it. On a segment appearing on the Sesame Street web site as part of multimedia project Little Children, Big Challenges: Divorce, Abby Cadabby talks about having two homes because her parents are divorced, and Gordon helps her explain it to her friends.

Oh fuck yes. What a day this is gonna be for parents huh? Tommy sitting around the TV just trying to learn what the fuck a consonant is and next thing they know they’re trotting out The Count to run down the list of whores daddy banged before mommy kicked him out. Then Cookie Monster can explain exactly what a calorie is and that’s why daddy sleeps on the couch now. Put Oscar in the corner of the room like the dunk uncle yelling “I knew they’d never make it! I told them at their wedding. They were too young!” Or I guess you could just have Elmo run around so the kid can see how annoying a 3 and a half year old is so they realize it’s all their fault. What’s that? You were just tuning in for some light-hearted and educational afternoon television? Too bad. D is for Divorce but T is for Two Christmases mothafuckas!