PITTSBURGH J . . . E . . . T . . . S.  Jets! Jets! Jets! I’m in. I’m on the Jets bandwagon. I’ve been carrying Fireman Ed on my shoulders all over Pittsburgh, and let me tell you, he’s heavier than he looks. The Jets are fun. The Jets have a coach who says what he thinks without regard for the consequences. The Jets lack self-importance. They do backflips in the end zone. Oh, and the Jets have fans who have suffered for years, just like Red Sox fans up until 2004. If you are a Patriots fan still smarting from the shocker last Sunday, you should be rooting for the Jets tonight. The better the Jets do, the more the Patriots will be driven to beat them. If the Jets win the AFC Championship at Heinz Field, perhaps the Krafts will be inspired to spend a little more money on payroll next year (are we supposed to feel good that the Patriots have the third-lowest payroll in the NFL?). So, yes, the Jets are my team. I hope they go on to win the Super Bowl in Dallas in two weeks. Perhaps that will motivate people back at Patriot Place.

And this is precisely why everybody in New England despises Dan Shaugnessy and why he shouldn’t have a job.  Listen I’m not even going to debate anything he said because it’s obviously total garbage.  That’s not my problem with it.   Instead it’s the fact that I know Shank knows this article is garbage.   Obviously he just wrote it to get a rise out of people.  That’s it.   It’s Greg Easterbrooks 101.   It’s Boston Media 101.   “Hey how can I create a stir and get people to read my articles and call my radio show?  Oh I know!  I’ll write something so preposterous  that it will be impossible to ignore and everybody will hate me for it and talk about what a jerk I am.” That’s what infuriates me about Shank.   It’s takes no talent to do what he does.  NONE!  Not a speck.  Literally anybody could do what he does with the platform he has.    He’s either too lazy or too dumb to write something good so he just settles for the most ridiculous shit he can think of.    Bottom-line is if the Globe can’t find writers who can attract an audience because they write great articles as opposed to this type of trash it’s time to close up shop.