(Those are some A+ interview boots)

So I just finished my intern interview with Intern Grace.    Some may remember her as the girl who vigorously defended us vs. KO Barstool and said she wanted to fuck Feitleberg.  At least that was until she came into the office today and saw me and Feitlberg standing next to each other and instantly changed her vote to “Team I want to Fuck Pres”.   Anyway I read her the usual riot act about how you need to have the thickest skin of all time to work for us.  How everybody you ever hooked up with is going to come crawling out of the woodwork.  People are going to say you have STD’s that haven’t even been invented yet, yada, yada, yada.    How I’m not looking for another Intern Molly who sneaky has no interest in being an intern or another Jenna to rip my guts out.   I just want a hot chick who bangs and is funny.   She said she is ready for the assignment.  Now the question is should she write for Barstool U or Boston?    Who wants her?

Vote 1 for the U and 10 for the U isn’t even a real site yet.   Boston only please and show us your tits

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