Gigaom – Snapchat, the extremely popular mobile app that allows users to snap a photo, share with a friend, and then have that photo deleted after a few seconds, is adding a new component on Friday — video. The company is also plans to announce Friday that it’s hit a new milestone of 50 million photos shared every day, which is a staggering number when you consider that Instagram’s most recent figure is 5 million uploads per day. A company exlained in a press release how video “Snaps,” as they’re called, will work:“How this works: Instead of toggling back and forth between a photo and a video setting, we’ve combined them into one button. If you want to take a photo, just tap the button. If you want to capture video, hold the button down. When you’re done recording, lift your finger. Video snaps are up to ten seconds long, and like photo snaps, can only be viewed once in the application.” Spiegel said adding video makes perfect sense for the app that lets users be themselves without much fear of recordings or images showing up around the web:

Not going to lie.  The fact I don’t have Snapchat has been bothering me lately. Like I don’t give a fuck about Instagram and Angry Birds and Word With Friends and all that other dumb ass Iphone shit. But I’m sweating Snapchat a little.  Because all I see everyday is ridiculous smokes tweeting shit like this.

“Oops just snap chatted ”

“Ha glad that picture will dissapper! XXX!

“So naughty #snapchat”

It’s maddening. It’s like I’m watching the world just pass me by. And now I hear they are coming out with video too? Shit. How much longer can I sit on the sidelines with this thing? I mean it should be automatic for me to have snapchat. “Oh ridiculously hot college chick, you want a ticket to Springfield Foam? Here is my cell phone number. Snapchat bitch”. Seriously what else do I have to live for at this point? A cheap thrill is a cheap thrill. I’m such a squid for not having it already. Come on Blackberry. One time me here. Figure out how to get Snapchat working. I can live with everything else, but the fact Snapchat is now adding video has me reevaluating priorities..