Listen if I was Brandon Spikes and I played in the NFL and had a dick as big as he does I’d be texting that shit to every single chick who made eye contact with me.   Like yeah I get why this kid is mad, but he’s mad at the wrong person.  Get your girlfriend under control.   Why is she texting with Spikes in the first place?   Newsflash that ain’t normal.    There is only one reason chicks text with pro athletes.  They want the D.    It’s not Spikes job to worry about boyfriends.  If a girl wants to party a girl wants to party.    So if this was my girlfriend I’d either dump her or just embrace the fact I’m about to get cuckholded.  But it 100% ain’t Brandon Spikes fault.   He’s the only one being honest with themselves in this whole situation.

PS – You better hope your Girlfriend never saw the Spike porno because that’s a game changer.