Boston – Comedian Will Ferrell will hold what undoubtedly will be a tongue-in-cheek press conference on the Emerson College campus Wednesday. It’s all part of a 24-hour spoof the college has unofficially endorsed by temporarily renaming its School of Communication the Ron Burgundy School of Communication to celebrate Ferrell’s alter-ego, the lead character in his new movie, Anchorman 2. But while some on the School of Communication faculty believe the day, complete with a screening of the film, will all be in good fun, others are not amused by the decision, saying it undercuts the college’s and department’s reputation. “I was opposed to it from the start,” says Assistant Professor of Journalism Mark Leccese. “I don’t see what the college gets out of it, other than having its name in the media for a day. I don’t see this Hollywood publicity stunt [enhancing] the reputation of Emerson’s School of Communication.” Leccese’s discomfort was echoed by Journalism Professor Emmanuel Paraschos.

“We get calls from colleagues around the country asking if us if we lost our minds,” he said. “My college roommate called me and said, ‘What are you people smoking?’” Paraschos has taken to wearing a specially made nametag reading, “Ron Burgundy Professor of Journalism.” Only he has flipped the words “Emerson College” on the nametag upside down. Associate Department Chair Doug Struck took a show-me stance. “My students tell me Will Ferrell is funny,” he said. “They also tell me they have done their course work. I am skeptical on both accounts.”


I actually watched a few minutes of the livestream of Ron Burgundy’s press conference at Emerson today. Had to shut it off because it was PAINFUL watching Emerson kids ask questions and try to be funny. Fucking toolshed parade. And listen, I feel the same way as most people – we’re getting entirely too much Ron Burgundy shoved down our gullets these days. I feel overstuffed with him and just wanna see the fucking movie already.

But that said, these professors have to be the biggest knob-jobs in the history of earth to come out and complain about this. You don’t see what the school gets out of it? Umm how about the students get to have a little fun and meet a cool celebrity? How about there’s some excitement around campus for a day? How about the school of communication – which literally trains anchormen – gets to enjoy a day with THE Anchorman? Seriously you gotta have not a stick but a telephone pole up your ass to be upset about this. Stupid poindexters. I mean just read that last quote - “My students tell me Will Ferrell is funny. They also tell me they have done their course work. I am skeptical on both accounts.” That’s a quote from a miserable curmudgeon who 100% spends his free time sucking farts out of his own ass.

Nah though never change college professors. It’s this type of shit that’s gonna keep you relevant and respected.