Source – What would it look like if your entire Facebook friend list suddenly popped to life? Probably like the world’s weirdest cocktail party. “Oh hey girl I slept with in college, this is my seventh-grade science teacher.” But where many of us see awkward encounters, Ty Morin sees a chance to shed our digital skin and actually, maybe, hopefully have some meaningful reconnections. That’s why the Connecticut photographer is setting out to visit every one of he Facebook friends — and “friends” — in person. All 788 of them. “The goal of this project is to reconnect with people. No more hiding behind the screen of social media,” he writes on a Kickstarter page, where he’s already exceeded his goal of raising $5,000 to fund his journey. “Stop looking down at your phone and pretending you’re texting your BFF when you walk by an old friend from high school. Lets get out there and remind people what it’s like to have a face to face conversation with someone.” Morin is going to do more than just chat with his assorted college friends, colleagues’ spouses and third cousins nobody in the family ever hears from unless they post a caps lock political rant on Facebook that always ends with, “THINK ABOUT IT!!”; he’s going to photograph each person doing something they love with a classic 8×10 folding camera.


I’ll tell you what I’d never want to do in a million years: exactly what this guy is doing. Sounds like a real bad time. Meet all my Facebook friends in person? No thanks. I think I’ll do anything but that. Do you know what kind of creeps weaseled their way into my online friendship circle? So many freaks. So many strangers. Honest to god I think 80% of the people on my Facebook could die and I wouldn’t know or care. Shooting, fire, drowning, whatever. They could be wiped out and I wouldn’t bat an eye.

Facebook is just a vast wasteland of meaningless people who post too many pictures of what they’re eating. So obviously a stupid hipster doofus would want to make an art project out of meeting each and every one of them. That’s what hipsters do. They take meaningless and irrelevant things that nobody is doing or care about and do them for attention. Guys look at me! I’m cool and edgy because I’m stepping outside the box! Let’s totally break down the online social barrier with the power of photography! Shut it nerd. We’ll see if you still think it’s a good idea when you get Catfish-raped 100 friends in.