You tell me in what world these are both flagrant 1 fouls.   Like how the fuck is that possible?    Tyler Hansbrough’s wasn’t even a flagrant.  At best it was a clean block.  At worst case it was just a hard playoff foul.  Like anytime you get 95% ball that’s not a flagrant.  In fact if Dwayne Wade didn’t flop around on the ground like a dead fish for 10 minutes nobody would have even noticed.   But then on the flip side you have Udonis Haslem doing a 2 handed karate chop to Hansbrough’s face with zero regard for human life and zero attempt to play the ball.  The absolute definition of a flagrant 2 foul.   Should have be an automatic ejection and possibly criminal charges.    Yet the refs somehow ruled them both flagrant 1′s?  What the fuck planet am I on?  Only in the NBA could this happen.  Somewhere Tim Donaghy must be smiling.

PS – Not to be biased but if Miami wins this game and goes on to win the title there needs to be an asterix next to it because of this play.   Flat cheating.