NYPost – Soup Nazi actor Larry Thomas is all steamed up after gun manufacturer Serbu Firearms used his image on a T-shirt and Facebook campaign against New York State’s gun laws. The “Seinfeld” star was horrified to see his image — along with the phrase “No Serbu for You!” — being used to help promote Tampa-based Serbu’s campaign against the ban on the sale of defined assault rifles in New York. The company, founded by mechanical engineer Mark Serbu, is known for producing the $7,000, BFG-50 semi-automatic 51.5-inch sniper rifle, one weapon banned under the 2013 NY Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act.  Outraged Thomas contacted Facebook, Serbu and even the T-shirt manufacturer to complain. He tells us, “I own the rights to my image as the Soup Nazi. Serbu did not ask my permission, and Facebook won’t take the image down. Not only did they do this without my authorization, but also I am an advocate of gun control.” Thomas added, “I have seen my face on T-shirts, random objects on eBay in the past, but politically this is the most offensive thing I have seen involving me as the Soup Nazi.”


I’m sure Larry Thomas aka the Soup Nazi is a good dude in real life and all, but I just can’t take him seriously here. Like when he says “I own the rights to my image as the Soup Nazi.” That’s just funny. You can’t be angry and protest something as serious as gun control while calling yourself the Soup Nazi and think people aren’t gonna laugh at you. C’mon man, you played a disgruntled purveyor of mulligatawny. You were friends with Cosmo Kramer. You gave Elaine an armoire and didn’t give George any bread. You’re a hilarious mustachioed man. That’s who you’ll always be and your face is gonna show up on coffee mugs and t-shirts and gun protests from time to time. That’s what happens when you have one of the most memorable catch phrases in TV history. I mean I don’t care about whatever this debate is but I might buy that shirt just cause it’s a cool shirt. You just never get old, Soup Nazi. You’re a timeless comedy staple even in assault rifle arguments. That’s nothing short of a flattering compliment.