Huffpo – A man in South Africa was reportedly found with his nephew’s genitals in his wallet, in a bizarre case that will likely lead to murder charges for the man. BBC reports that the unidentified man was arrested Wednesday and taken by police to a forest in Eastern Cape, where he led them to his 18-year-old nephew’s mutilated corpse. That’s when they discovered his nephew’s genitals in his wallet.”We found that the hands, the head and legs were cut off from the body and we then recovered the private parts in his wallet,” Mzukisi Fatyela, police spokesman for the Eastern Cape Province, told AFP. Charges are expected for the uncle.


Worst murderer ever. Just a total rookie move by this guy to kill his nephew and then carry his balls around in his wallet.  I mean come on man. Act like a professional for once. Everyobyd knows the first rule of murder is to get rid of the body. You don’t carry around your victims genitals in your wallet like it’s a credit card. Respect the game one time.