Fox 2 News Headlines

Oh boo hoo, boo hoo I have a squatter living in my house.  Umm yeah you do.   That’s what happens when you buy a house for 23K.   It comes with squatters.  This would be like going to a flea market and buying a Louis Vuitton bag for 20 bucks and then complaining that it didn’t wear well.    You get what you pay for.  You buy a huge house for 23K?  Automatic squatters.  Automatic.

Elaine Blair 2012 – “take whatever the fuck you want party”


PS – I like the part when the reporter said “sometimes Heidi Peterson wakes up and things are in different spots or missing”. Umm yeah. She’s living with a squatter.  Did you miss that part of the story?

Double PS – Fucking Detroit.