- Lawrence Academy was stripped of its last two Independent School League football titles and prohibited from appearing in the postseason for the next three years, part of six penalties imposed on the Groton school by the ISL on Tuesday.  “The seriousness of the sanctions we have imposed reflects our commitment to ensure the safety and well-being of our student-athletes,’’ said a statement from ISL members and confirmed by Groton School headmaster and committee chairman Rick Commons yesterday. But the sanctions don’t explain what Lawrence Academy did wrong, frustrating former coach Mike Taylor. “I’m sad and disappointed,’’ said Taylor. “I don’t know the inner workings of any violations there were, if there were any violations. If I did commit any, I take full responsibility for them.’’ The Spartans went 8-0 in the regular season and won their second straight ISL title last fall, but the success came with controversy. In October, St. George’s forfeited its game with Lawrence Academy, citing safety concerns. As Lawrence Academy rolled through the regular season, suspicions grew that the school was doing something wrong to achieve that success. ISL coaches and athletic directors were told not to comment on the sanctions.

“To not fully disclose what is going on is just the wrong way to treat your alumni and the rest of the school community,’’ wrote the graduate, who wished to be anonymous, in an e-mail.

“I am just so fed up with this story and how they’re painting Mike,’’ said Sean MacAdie, 30, an assistant coach under Taylor the past three years who will coach at Brookline High in the fall. “It is really frightening. It’s insane to me. “Athletic director Kathy Noble and headmaster Scott Wiggins have blown up an amazing football program that one person created, and for what? I hope it was worth it for them. I’ve never been around a school with such incompetence in my life.’’

A couple people have sent me this story.   Last time we talked about St. Lawrence it was when another team forfeited against them because they were afraid. Now we get this. I got to be honest.  I’m totally confused here    I just don’t get how the administrators and ISL won’t say what the coach did wrong.  That’s fake life type shit.  Is it really because they were too good and other teams complained?  Is that possible?  As crazy as that sounds I wouldn’t put anything past headmasters and chick AD’s nowadays.    Because if that’s not it than what is it?  Is it illegal to give athletic scholarships to private schools?  Isn’t that what everybody does?  Especially all those hockey factories?   I guess I’m just totally lost.   And more importantly I don’t understand how can you not tell people why you’re punishing them?  I’ve never even heard of that before?    It actually makes me regret always ending these blogs with the “what are we in communist Russia line” because in this case we really are in Communist Russia.  We’re going to reprimand you, not tell you why and just forbid anybody from explaining the situation.   It’s bizarre world stuff.   If he broke the rules say it!   If not shut the fuck up and let him beat the piss out of people fair and square which right now looks like what he was doing but the ISL is too big of pussies to deal with it.