I literally spit out my coffee and I wasn’t even drinking any when the cop broke that chick’s face.    I’m talking a gasp out loud moment.   That was teeth to pavement like you read about.   But what’s up with the way he grabbed her by the belt and pulled her over?  Rookie ball.  I mean that chick was pretty cute right?  So if there ever a time to use the butt drag that’s it.    Just stick your thumb up her asshole and drag her the fuck over.  It just seems like if you’re going to physically abuse a hot chick you might as well mix in some sexual assault while you’re at it.  Common sense really.

PS – What weapon was the cop using to kneecap people with?  Shit was weak.   If you’re going to kneecap somebody knee cap them.  You can’t have them dancing away like that.    Jeff Gillooly is probably rolling around in his grave as we speak.