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Hey Pres,

Took the family to Washington DC over Feb vacation and spotted this fine specimen at the Capitals/Rangers game.  He was sitting on the bench near the concession stand and threw up repeatedly, before slumping to the ground and continuing to vomit on the floor.  I immediately whipped out my blackberry to take a picture and was confronted by an angry woman who asked me why on Earth I would ever take a picture of that.  I told her it was a Stoolie’s duty, and if she was so concerned for his well-being, that perhaps she should go help him up and clean him.  She stormed off.  My question is…does throwing up everywhere and then passing out in it, at a sold out hockey game, in front of thousands of people get this guy laid??

Viva La Stool!


Is this KFC?  This would explain why he didn’t post a blog about the Knicks vs. Heat game last night.  Anyway I’m so confused.  Is Kristen a mother?   I think she is right?   Like how else can you interpret “took the family to DC over Feb vacation”?    You know what that means right? Yup we got a certified MILF Stoolie on our hands!   And….I’m  hard…

PS – Stay classy New York.