Fuck Steve DeOssie.  Fuck that red faced fuck.   Fuck WEEI.     See this is why the Stool is huge.  Because we’re not fucking fake ass fans and fake ass fucks like everybody else.  Make no mistake about it.  This had nothing to do with DeOssie’s kid being on the Giants.    He made that explicitly clear.    He just hates the Pats.  Hates New England.  He is a New Yorker and a fake ass fuck who pretends to be something he’s not just like the rest of those fucks on that station.    And before all you 98.5 goons come out of the woodwork it’s the same thing over there except they aren’t dumb enough to pull a stunt like this  Like you think Toucher and Rich really give a fuck about the Pats?  No chance.  You got to have grown up here to really feel it in your plums.

PS – If that midget Jason Wolfe had an ounce of pride and integrity he would have fired DeOssie already.