TMZWhat do you get a birthday boy who’s won 3 Super Bowls, 2 MVP awards, six NFL passing titles and was the first left-handed QB to be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame? If you’re Steve Young’s wife … you get him his own flash mob. Barbara Young surprised her famous hubby this weekend by organizing a surprise flash mob dance party to perform for Steve after his 50th birthday dinner at the Stanford Mall in Palo Alto, CA. Steve’s actual birthday isn’t until Oct. 11th — but Barbara (who’s wearing a white hat in the video) had the gang bust out a rendition of “Happy Birthday.” We’re told Young’s kids and his brother were in on the mob — and one source who was at the scene tells us Steve was so moved, he was fighting back tears.

Alright, this should put all the “Brady is a fag” talk to rest once and for all.¬† Because compared to Steve Young Brady’s about as effeminate as Jesse Ventura in “Predator.” (LINK REMOVED) Do you think for one second he’d sit still while Giselle pulled a stunt this emasculating?¬† Not on your life.¬† As soon as the music started he’d take her behind the tent and sexually ravage her, just to show who’s boss.¬† There’s a chance you’d see Earthwind Moreland at his birthday, but a crowd flashmobbing Earth Wind & Fire?¬† Not a chance.¬†¬† @JerryThornton1