(YouTube) This Callers Tinder game must be STRONG. Viva La Stool


Ridiculous question, Mike? What’s so ridiculous about randomly asking somebody how many pushups they can do? I guess the pickup line of 2013 only works on Tinder and not radio call-in shows on Media Row at the Super Bowl.

PS – questions obviously started as a joke but I’ve convinced myself that you can tell everything you need to know about a person by their answer how many pushups they can do. If a chick has any answer at all then that’s bad. Chicks should always say “haha what?” If she gives a number or asks “girl or guy pushups?” then she can probably kick your ass.

Guy breakdown goes like this:

Under 10: I hope you’re really good at math because you never played a sport.

10 – 20: The most athletic thing you’ve ever done is pick daisies in right field.

20 -30: You used to be in shape but you haven’t seen the inside of a gym since high school Senior Night.

30 -40: You never played sports but in old age found a gym. You talk about working out all the time but your body still sucks and you’re weak.

50 +: You’re a man