Patrick Lopes was just one of three men and one teen arrested for violent behavior at a baby shower

Aderito Deandrade was one of the hundreds smashing chairs and bottles in the brawl

Paulo Depina faces criminal charges for the behavior that endangered dozens of children

Stoughton – Just one sucker punch turned a happy Massachusetts baby shower into a brawl fo bottle-smashing and chair-bashing between 200 people. The unruly mob surrounded police who say they were urging parents to get their kids away from the fray. ‘The behavior was appalling. It was absolutely appalling. There’s just no other way to put it,’ Stoughton Police Executive Officer Robert Devine said. ‘The worst part was there was a lot of children. Our officers were concerned about the safety of the little ones, while the people who were fighting apparently could have cared less. They were swinging chairs and smashing bottles.’ One man, Patrick Cardoso Lopes, 24, of Brockton, was even hit with a Taser. ’Despite the danger they were in, they went with the less lethal option,’ Devine said. ‘The officers exercised extreme restraint. They had every right in the world to be in fear for their safety. It was a chaotic scene. It was probably one of the more dangerous ones they’ve been in. It was a baby shower. The baby’s father wasn’t any help. He was arguing with us that this was his party and no one was leaving.’ The brawl took place at Portuguese rental hall Club Luiz De Cameos in downtown Stoughton, where things went bad at roughly 20 minutes to midnight.


I’ve never been to a baby shower but I think these dudes over in Stoughton got the right idea when it comes to celebrating a pregnancy. Sure you could have a typical shower where everyone is nice and polite and fakes a smile while the knocked up broad opens her presents. You could go that classic route and it would be fine. But would it be memorable? Would it be a baby shower that nobody would ever forget? Probably not. That’s why I like what happened here where a 200 person brawl complete with bottle smashing and tasers was thrown together in honor of the new child. Break up the monotony of your average gathering and start smashing glass over domes and using chairs WWF style. Bring some excitement to that expecting mother’s womb. Like I said, I’ve never been to a baby shower but I have to imagine that what went down at Club Luiz De Cameos is a lot more entertaining than the average one.

PS – If you’re the only three adults arrested in a 200 person brawl that means your brawl skills must be on point. I’d be pissed if I didn’t get arrested after a huge brawl because that would mean I didn’t brawl with everything I had.