“Yeah, it’s kind of nice to stick it in Bill’s face once in a while,” Welker told [CSNNE's Mike] Felger during his weekly postgame segment. On Monday, Welker actually had to explain to the frothing media corps that the remark was a joke and not a shot at the helm of SS Bill Belichick. “You just have to be careful with what you say,” Welker said… So what happens the moment somebody makes an attempt to liven things up? It turns into a vortex of controversy, immediately extinguished by the head of state. Maybe Welker did get a tongue-lashing from Belichick. Maybe Bill understood the humor behind the situation. Maybe Welker will have to sit out the first series Sunday against the Seahawks. Believe me, if that happens, stay away from any semblance of a sports talk show. It’ll be Armageddon.


PFTNot a week goes by without an NFL player posting something stupid on Twitter. This week it’s Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes‘ turn. Spikes took to Twitter on Wednesday and posted what appears to be a joke stolen from British comedian Jack Whitehall:

 brandon spikes @BrandonSpikes55

I’m homophobic just like I’m arachnophobic.I have nothing against homosexuals or spiders but I’d still scream if I found one in my bathtub !

It’s easy to see why Spikes’s team and his teammates don’t want to wade into this controversy. But it’s hard to understand why Spikes created the controversy in the first place

The Patriots are in first place.  They’re at or near the top of every national power ranking.  The defense is as young, athletic and ballhawking as they’ve been in years.  The offensive line is better than anyone imagined back in August.  The offense has evolved into this hybrid 4X4/ Warp Drive hybrid the likes of which the NFL has never seen.  No one on the team is getting arrested, causing trouble, mouthing off about their contracts or bitching about how they’re being used.  So naturally the media can’t let this go unchallenged.  Therefore we’re leapfrogging from one phony controversy to the next.  First it was Welker’s “benching.”  But since he’s now 2nd in the NFL in catches and leads the team in every receiving category, that issue’s on the slab with a tag on it’s toe.  Then it was the usual “What’s wrong with them?” after 1) A loss on a blocked punt on the 2 and 2) A messy, Fake Ref-assisted shitshow in Baltimore. And now that they’ve gotten on a record setting roll, we’re making it about Welker’s friendly ball-busting and Spikes re-Tweeting a hack joke.  And we’re taking these two particular molehills and turning them into the goddamned Himalayas.  Because successful, hard-working controversy free football teams don’t generate pageviews or fill up the phone lines.

So the question is which Jokegate is  stupider?  It’s a close call but I’m going to have to go with Welker’s.  Because at least he writes his own material.  I’ve had my bits lifted and Spikes ought to at least have footnoted.  Un-PC jokes I can take.  Comedy sponging is another matter entirely.  Vote 1 for Welker’s “scandal” is stupider or 10 for Spikes’. 1 Stars2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars6 Stars7 Stars8 Stars9 Stars10 Stars (209 votes, average: 5.50 out of 10)

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