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So I got a bunch of emails to a story yesterday where a website was talking about our Laser Show shirt. The only problem was they weren’t talking about ours. Apparently those scumbags over at Sully’s Tees stole our idea. So I wrote a little blurb about it on facebook. Basically said the same thing as the title of this blog. “Sullys Tees Ripped Off Our Laser Show Shirt Idea? That’s Pretty Ghetto. Well the owner of Sullys couldn’t keep his mouth shut and wrote back on my page….

“Chris from Sully’s here. Thanks for the free publicity.

I get that you think you’re the most influential person in Red Sox Nation, but let’s keep it real. We had a dozen people asking for a Laser Show t-shirt within 5 minutes of Pedroia dropping that comment on the air. So you made a Laser Show shirt too? Yeah, you, me, and everyone else. It’s a hot topic, because it broke on a little media outlet called NESN….”

Listen it sucks that Sully’s Tees stole my shirt idea. But crap like that happens everyday in the tshirt business. Still you’d think since tshirts is all Sully’s does they’d be smart enough to come up with their own ideas, but whatever. The thing that bothers me is that he just didn’t admit it. “Like yeah I took it. What are you going to do about it?”  Instead he tries to act all righteous.  I mean come on bro. Tell me you don’t like my firm. Tell me you don’t like my idea. Tell me you don’t like my fuckin’ necktie. But don’t tell me you didn’t steal this idea from me.

Bottomline is this. Sully’s can get shirts to market in like 4 seconds. If something big happens they have the shirts on the streets and for sale within 24 hours. Therefore if he had so many people emailing and telling him about Laser Show quote this would have been on the street 5 seconds after Pedroia said it. But the truth of the matter is he didn’t hear about it until he read it on the Stool. How else can you explain the timeline?

May 4th – Pedroia drops the Laser Show
May 5th – Stool blogs it
May 10th – Stool produces Tshirts for it
May 18th – Sully’s Tees produces Tshirts for it.

Hmm, pretty fucking sketchy Chris.  You’re telling me it took you 2 full weeks to get this going? And that’s all you do? Just make tshirts? Sorry bro, but I’m calling bullshit. Like I said there isn’t anything I can do to stop you from selling them. Just admit you ripped them off and you’re a scumbag and call it a day.